Super Awesomeness today!

Well Melinda what did you think? Was Lauren right? It was nice to see two good dive buddies working together as a team. You guys were the top of the totem pole today!!! Lauren you looked great as usual! Great to see you again!! Gosh that was a little nudibranch wasn't it and also too I found a sunrise shell and lost it on the boat !!! oh-well!!! Try look up the Sunrise shell and read about it,very interesting read and highly desired too.

Jessica, I know you want to get your PADI Open Water certification now yeah? 

When your ready give me a call it only takes 3 days to earn your dive flag ! Since you live here I think its a great idea to do it ASAP!! Call me any time !! 808-542-9494 . Once your certified its good for life !!! sweet!!

It was nice talking to pastor Tim today,He claimed to me that diving takes away all your stresses in life !! You know what Pastor Tim? Your right!!!! 

Justin!!!! What a great diver you were today! You swam circles around everyone today!!  I can't believe your only 12 years old!!! Keep up the good work in school and make sure to thank your Dad for taking you diving today and on vacation to Hawaii !!!

Lauren and Melinda
Jessica found a pincushion seastar