Please read these FAQs before contacting us with questions as most likely you can find the answer to your question here.

Q. Where will we be diving on Oahu?
A. The southeastern side of Oahu, in Maunalua Bay, between Diamond Head and Koko Head. 

Stout Moray Eel

Stout Moray Eel

Q. Is this a beach dive, or a boat dive?
A. All our scuba diving is done off a scuba-designed boat in the ocean just offshore.

Q. What kind of fish will we see? 
A. Short answer? Hundreds. Pufferfish, Angel Fish, Leaf Fish, Devil Fish, Goat fish, Sargeant Fish, etc

Q. Will we get to see turtles? 
A. Absolutely! The Green Turtle is a Federally Protected Species and with the lack of human harassment they are very calm and tolerant of scuba divers. Our usual dive spots are where they like to rest on the sand for shell cleaning by cleaning fish.

Q. Do you provide wet suits? 
A. Absolutely. Wet suit rentals are included in the price of all Discover Scuba beginner dives. Wet suits are optional, because of Hawaii's famously warm water. 

Q. Can you wear contact lenses? 
A. Yes, you can! 

Octopus swimming

Octopus swimming

Q. What is your ratio of divers to Instructors/Divemasters?
A. For beginner first time Discover Scuba divers, the ratio is four beginners to one Instructor. For certified divers on our boat charters, the ratio is generally eight to one. 

Q. For Women: Can I still scuba dive if I have breast implants or I'm on my monthly cycle?
A. Yes to both. Neither one is an issue. 

Q. I'm worried about, you know... (whispers here) sharks! Will they be around?
A. Nope, unfortunately. Wrong side of the island. On the shallow, first time beginner Discover Scuba dives, we never even see the small, harmless reef sharks. Even on the Advanced deep, wreck and wall dives, we only occasionally see the shy reef sharks, and never the big scary ones. Sigh.

Q. What is your Cancellation Policy? 
A. Full refund if prior to 24 hours, no refund after. (This means before 7am of the day before your scheduled dive)

Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab

Q. Do I need to know how to swim? 
A. Not necessarily. What is needed is for you to feel comfortable in water over your head. We will be in the ocean, remember, and the bottom is 30 feet below you. That doesn't mean you'll sink immediately once you get in the water, as your scuba gear provides plenty of flotation while you're on the surface. As long as you're comfortable in water, can follow instructions and can kick your legs in a flutter kick, we can take you scuba diving!

Q. Do I have to be scuba certified? 
A. You don't need to be certified to experience scuba diving for the first time. Our Oahu Discover Scuba Diving Experience is designed specifically to introduce non-divers to the joy of swimming underwater with the turtles. We will teach you all you need to know to safely experience your first time scuba diving! To go on the advanced boat charters and dive anything deeper than 40', you do need to be scuba certified. Certification is only a three day process, which includes four scuba dives and can generally be accomplished on most vacation itineraries. Ask us how you can get certified!

Q. How soon can I fly home after scuba diving? 
A. A minimum of 18 hours is required between scuba diving and flying in an airplane.

Spotted Eagle Ray @ 32' deep

Spotted Eagle Ray @ 32' deep

Q. Is it safe to scuba dive while pregnant?
A. No. However, we do recommend snorkeling.

Q. I tend to get seasick on boats, what do you recommend?
A. We recommend taking a motion sickness pill the night before and the morning of your dive. 

Q. Is there a bathroom on the boat?
A. Yes, our boat has a bathroom, or in boating terms, a "head."

Q. What if I'm scuba certified but it has been many years since I've dived? 
A. No problem! However, we strongly recommend "getting your feet wet" first with a couple easy shallow "refresher" dives to reacquaint yourself with the skills and knowledge you may have forgotten. When booking, simply note under "Special Requests" that you would like the "refresher dives on the afternoon charter."

Q. What is the minimum age for scuba diving? 
A. Kids as young as 10 and as old as 65 can experience scuba diving!

Banded Coral Shrimp

Banded Coral Shrimp

Q. What's the best time of year to scuba dive?
A. Um, really? This is's great all year round here! 

Q. Is there free parking at your shop?
A. Yep. A whole parking lot worth of free parking!

Q. Do you offer group or Military discounts?
A. Absolutely. Just give us a call!

Q. Do you offer night diving?
A. We love night diving! However, it's only available on our advanced boat charters for certified divers.

Q. What if I'm already an Advanced or Open Water certified diver? Do I have to do the shallower beginner dives?
A. Funny, some of favorite dives are shallow reef dives - lots more fish and cool stuff! But if deep wrecks, wall dives and drift dives are calling your name, we've got a charter going out every day Monday thru Friday!

Q. Are photos available? Can I purchase photos of myself diving?
A. Absolutely! We generally have dive photographers along on the Discover Scuba dives for beginners. A CD of all your photos is available for viewing after your dives. If pictures are important to you, be sure to tell the Big Kahuna so he can make sure you get lots of attention!

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Now, lets go scuba diving!

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